Letters discovered in a tin box hidden in the foundation of a small cottage in Normandy reveal a terrible secret ... From The Juno Letters

You open a letter hidden away for seventy years, written but never mailed. You know the date, and you know the place. What you don’t know is the story.

The Juno Letters is set amidst the chaos and catastrophe of World War II. They are not really war stories - you will not read of epic battles, movement of armies, or the sacrifices of millions of men and women at arms. You will read small stories, of people who struggle to survive, who struggle to love, to protect their families and their freinds.

They are stories of triumph and tragedy. Of greatness and greed. These stories played out a thousand times ... a million times ... in occupied Europe in the face of the greatest evil ever unleashed on earth.

History is made of small stories - the stories of your family, and friends you never knew.

The Juno Letters, by L.W. Hewitt

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